The Dangers of Aspartame

I have been aware of the dangerous possible side effects of aspartame for a while now (for those of you who don’t know, aspartame is the main ingredient found in artificial sweeteners). I’ve heard of studies showing there may be a link between Alzheimer’s and aspertame. Questions have been raised about the possible link between Aspartame and brain tumors and lesions, along with lymphomas. This is scary, scary stuff and shouldn’t be ignored. I always tell clients to drink more water because the body needs to be hydrated, but just as important is getting OFF diet sodas (or any kind of soda for that matter) yet another huge source of this toxic poison.

This article will open your eyes to the dangers of aspartame. It’s a poison that the FDA is letting into our foods and beverages. I think it’s important to give you all vital information that doesn’t get discussed much in the media. Special thanks to Rick Mathes in our Austin Clinic for passing this along!