Patch Fitness and the Indoor “O” Course

Some of you might have heard about Patch Fitness, but I’m guessing for most of you it’s a new term.  Patch Fitness is an extension of the Method and constitutes anything that isn’t an Egoscue therapy menu.  The Patch is designed to make fitness FUN again and get us back to a time when we played until dusk and didn’t think twice about it.  We crawled, climbed, squated, ran and had a ball without worrying about pain or injury.  We somehow knew our bodies were made to do those things, but didn’t have to ask our body’s permission to do so.  Think of us now…if someone were to ask us to lift a 10 pound medicine ball over our heads, and our response would be something along the lines of, “Really?  You want me to lift that?  Over my head?”  When we were 10 years old, we wouldn’t hesitate to lift something half of our body weight over our heads in an attempt to get that object into our favorite tree house or fort.  My, my how times have changed, but the good news is that there is hope!  Patch Fitness is changing the way a lot of us view working out.  We’re making it fun again, and the word is spreading….quickly!

Here in the Nashville clinic, I’m starting our Patch Fitness Camps this month.  They are one-week camps designed to return function to the body and, most importantly, FUN back to working out.  We will be using the Indoor “O” Course, but the ultimate goal of Patch Fitness is to get people back into the environment.  Anything can be a “Patch” workout.  You can bear crawl around your local park or crab walk down your hallway.  And, don’t forget…you can lift anything you want into your modern-day “tree house”.  So, get out there and get moving.  Check out the Patch Fitness site to learn more and call the clinic if you have any questions about our Patch Camps.