What’s all the fuss about living to 100?

My wife’s great-grandfather quit smoking 16 years ago…when he was 85! That’s right, he’s 101 years old and will turn 102 in July. He is a remarkable man and someone who you can’t stop listening to when he starts to tell a story (or several if you catch him on a talkative day!). He was one of the last 13 hourly employees of Studebaker and literally built his own car and drove it off of the assembly line. He still brews coffee in an original Perkulator Coffee pot. And, a few years ago he baked Christmas cookies….with sugar from World War II, and no I’m not joking.

One day we were talking and he told me his “secret” to living to the age of 100:

1. Clean living

2. Read the Bible daily

3. Work hard

4. Go easy on the hard work

What great words to live by!

Studies have shown that exercise actually leads to a longer life. This article says that living to 100 doesn’t have as much to do with genetics as we might have originally thought. They attribute it to lifestyle. My favorite quote in this article is from a doctor who says, “get your shoes on, get out there, and do some exercise.” I love it! So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start living…..to 100!