So, if it’s not my guitar…?

What in the world could it be? I’ll propose to you that your pain has nothing to do with your guitar, your desk chair, your golf club, or your garden spade. For years, people have heard that, “It’s your _____ causing your pain, so you better stop doing that!” Whether talking about the guitar or the garden, we can’t forget that the common denominator in all of these activities is the body coming to them. How quickly we forget that there are no design flaws in the body, and it was designed to MOVE!

I work with a lot of former runners, cyclists, golfers and gardeners. When I ask them why they stopped running, for example, the response is usually, “Because running hurts my knee.” Doesn’t that beg the question that if running was to blame for your knee pain, wouldn’t the other knee hurt too? Aren’t they both doing the same amount of running? If you haven’t heard Pete Egoscue’s Pain Free Radio, you need to check it out! I heard him address this issue a few shows back (December 15th show, I think). He brought up the fact that if it hurts your knee to run six miles, why not run five and a half? Why not allow yourself to take a risk? Push yourself to the point that is just before the pain comes. Don’t give up running completely, instead take what your body will give you today knowing that tomorrow will be different!